Image: Samantha Maber


Not unlike alot of stories I fell into my passion for photography quite by chance. A doting mom to my two precious babes I found myself instinctively wanting to commit their many milestones and precious beginnings to a photographic memory bank. They were after all growing so fast...as the cliché so often refers!

It then developed into a wonderful way to share their story with friends and family who would in some cases miss out on their journey, almost entirely. I found myself thoroughly enjoying the process and immediately wanting to get better at capturing what I felt were pertinent, special moments, well. The moments to which I refer don't have an agenda;  they are good, bad and inbetween moments, but most importantly they are honest. We tend to want to look our best when being photographed but the real magic lies in being captured and remembered as we truly are and this is what I try to achieve with a journalistic approach and a dash of structured portraiture where appropriate. 

With all of this realised, together with the value I place on my own personal photography collection, I decided to do what I love doing. I now capture moments in time for others to value, print, share and cherish for generations to come.

If you like my point of view please get in touch, I would love the opportunity to document your story.


“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”

—Theodore Roosevelt